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CEO & Board Business Mentoring


The Business Mentor Methodology

What is the Business Mentor

A Business Mentor is someone who can act as a sounding board for ideas and strategy. Sharing their experience of life and business, their skills and knowledge with the client. Having a Business Mentor can help you to focus, to look at your business from a different perspective. This is essential to identify strategies and opportunities for improvement and growth.

ACC listens to you, and helps you to think outside the square, considers the business and your self in a holistic fashion, which brings you greater insight. The Business Mentor helps you to solve business problems, which improves business performance, and the Business Mentor facilitates your personal development using their skills.

Since then we have seen numerous businesses promoting services such as Business Mentoring, Executive Mentoring, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Professional Mentoring, Career Mentoring, Senior Executive Mentoring, Corporate Mentoring, Business Owners Mentoring, Professional Transition Mentoring, CEO Mentoring, Business Advisors, Business Gurus, Business Development, Business Shrinks, Business Success, and many more strange and diverse names.

All profess, in varying way to assist key business people improve and succeed, but the methods they use, the business philosophies they adopt and the level of skills they possess, vary enormously.

Marketing team meeting

Advance Coaching

At ACC Business Mentoring goes further than traditional coaching. Whereas coaching is goal-oriented and has a motivational bias, Business Mentoring is far more reaching, and has much greater depth in supporting and developing the individual within their business environment. A properly devised Business Mentoring program is a proven approach to improving overall business performance.

One aspect of our methodologies encompasses a balanced scorecard approach. Over time, all aspects of the business are examined and discussed. Issues such as Finances, Marketing, People, Customers, Operations, KPIs and Strategic Planning would be addressed.

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