Customer Experience Survey

Advance Coaching & consulting Pty Ltd (ACC) has entered into an exclusive  partnership to offer the full range of Customer Experience Management (CEM) research tools by TCE Lab in Asia Pacific. This will enable us to provide organizations with a Customer, Employee, and Partner Relationship Health Check through an on-line survey.

“According to a PWC report, 94% of Asia Pacific companies are making changes to their strategy around innovation, which can’t be done effectively without strategic customer input. We’re excited to partner with TCELab to help Asia Pacific companies embrace the tremendous opportunity in the business environment.”

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TCELab’s survey and predictive analytic software, CLAP: (Customer Loyalty as a Platform), is based on RAPID customer loyalty science developed by Dr. Bob Hayes, CCO of TCELab and noted author on the topic.

“This research science works because it’s about setting a strategic roadmap based on understanding customer feedback and getting rid of the noise” states Dr. Hayes, “From an organization’s big data and our customer loyalty survey research methodologies, we create predictive analytics that accelerate growth through new customer acquisition, reducing churn and increasing average sales prices.”

The survey provides organisations with 360 degree of best-in-class customer, employee and partner satisfaction research tools. From your big data, we can create predictive analytics that correlate customer loyalty and sustained revenue growth. CEM surveys compliment our Business Health Check solutions.