Sales Channel Optimisation

We engage you and your customer to complete a “Health Check Survey” to establish your current status and any barriers you may be experiencing for the following key elements in SCO:

  • Your Market-Share status
  • Your Sales strategy
  • Your Customer Relationships status
  • Your Customer’s experience

Our solutions will help you to:

1.    Increase your market share by:

  • Marketing your value proposition,
  • Creating the best channel and direct sales mix to increase revenue,
  • Understanding your competitive landscape,
  • Channel optimization
  • Partner Performance Review Management (PPRM).

2.    Develop an effective Sales Strategy by:

  • Aligning your sales organization and sales strategy,
  • Improve sales force productivity,
  • Implement a Sales Process Methodology (SPM),
  • Engaging in Strategic Account Management (SAM),
  • Implement Sales Performance Review Management (SPRM).

3.    Growing profit through Relationship Selling by:

  • Understanding your Relationship Capital (RC),
  • Implementing Enterprise Technical Selling (White board selling to the CIO/CTO positioning your solution to fit into their technology strategy),
  • Engaging in Key Relationship Account Management (KRAM),
  • Strengthening individual relationships with customers/clients,
  • Driving a relationship-based sales culture.

4.    Enhancing Your Customer’s experience through:

  • Effective Customer Service
  • Easy to do business with culture
  • Effective solution and services
  • Building rapport
  • Getting their endorsement