Advance Coaching & Consulting PTY LTD (ACC) and TCELab Announce Exclusive Partnership in Asia Pacific

Advance Coaching and Consulting Pty Ltd (ACC) has partnered with TCELab as their exclusive partner for Asia Pacific.

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ACC and TCELab, as report shows 94% of Asia Pacific companies making changes to strategy and innovation by looking to customers to define competitive advantage. The partnership will allow ACC to provide customer research and big data predictive analytic tools tailored for regional firms. This will compliment, our Business and Revenue Optimization Health Check solutions and will enable us to provide organizations with Customer, Employee, and Partner Relationship Health Check through an on-line survey.

We also invite you to register for the upcoming Webinar with Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D., CCO of TCELab and President of Business Over Broadway.

Webinar: Improving the Customer Experience Using Big Data, Customer-Centric Measurement and Analytics

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT

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Presenter: Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D., CCO of TCELab and President of Business Over Broadway
Moderator: David Morris — David Morris, Cetas Big Data Marketing, VMware

In this presentation, Bob Hayes delivers an overview of his upcoming ebook “TCE – Total Customer Experience: Building Business Through Customer-Centric Measurement and Analytics.” How can companies gain deeper customer insights to help them improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty?

In this book, Bob Hayes presents best practices in measurement and analytics for customer experience management (CEM) programs. He will discuss three areas: measuring the right the right customer metrics, integrating disparate data silos and using the data to answer strategic business questions, businesses will be able to extract meaningful results that help executives make the right decisions. Drawing on decades of research and practice, Hayes illustrates analytical best practices in the field of customer experience management that will help you increase the value of all your business data to help improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Hayes discusses:

  • What is Customer Experience Management?
  • The Value of Analytics in Business
  • Total Customer Experience
  • Three Things to Improve Value of Analytics
    1) Use the Right Customer Metrics
    2) Focus on Strategic Decisions
    3) Integrate Different Business Data
  • Customer Metrics: Loyalty, Experience, Relative Performance
  • Analytics to Support Strategic Decisions
  • Analyzing Data Using a Customer-Centric Approach

What you’ll learn:

  • Value of Analytics
  • Best Practices in Customer Experience Management Programs
  • How to evaluate customer metrics
  • How to organize your Big Data around the customer
  • Analysis to understand what is important to customers

We look forward to working with you on your Key Relationship Management (KRM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) needs in the near future.

Sam Ghebranious
Advance Coaching & Consulting Pty Ltd